What Should I Call This Thing?

Starting a newsletter should be about writing, not naming

And yet, here I am, stressing for the past week about what to call this writing thing that I’m doing. There are newsletters I love, like James Clear’s 3–2–1 Thursday, and Tim Ferriss’ 5 bullet Fridays. And Scott Galloway’s brilliantly named No Mercy No Malice, despite its lack of chronological certainty. Go ahead, click away from this article and check them out, I’ll wait, and your life will be better for it.

So I’ve decided to take this writing thing seriously, and what I’m hearing is that I should have a newsletter and a mailing list and a niche, and so here I am, writing stories from my life that might make you feel better about your own life. Maybe because you’ll realize I’m a bigger fuck-up than you can ever be. Maybe because you might learn something. Maybe you’ll even find my writing entertaining — anything can happen, right?

I’ve asked ChatGPT, I’ve asked my wife, I’ve instructed my subconscious to work on it while sleeping. And the best I’ve come up with is ‘Sanjay Says’. Which sounds stupid until you hear some of the other ones.

Happythetically — a really long word that keeps getting autocorrected.

Reality is Just a Suggestion — sounds super cool, means nothing.

Your Mileage May Vary — already a popular newsletter for frequent fliers.

Sanjay’s Sagas — pretentious much?

Mystakes — my mistakes, get it? Neither did anyone else.

See what I mean? So I’m putting it out there for all y’all to comment and contribute. It sure can’t get any worse. For now, it’s Sanjay Says. Eventually maybe Sanjay’s Sunday if I get really big. A boy can dream.

Keep name to Sanjay Says or change it?

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